North Carolina Bluebird Society Newsletter

I have been writing articles and supplying photos for the Bluebird Notes quarterly newsletter for several years. I was honored when asked by the North Carolina Bluebird Society (NCBS) if I would consider taking on the role of Editor in the fall of 2017.

Assembling content for this publication is a fun & creative way to use my computer skills to help with bluebird conservation. This role has afforded the opportunity to interview bluebird experts, engage in content creation, and sharpen my skills in handling print media.

Check out the links below to some newsletters I have published. The most recent publication is only available for members, but made public at the end of each season. So, check back soon for the Autumn 2019 edition.




Excited to see Outer Banks Wild Mustangs!

I have been in love with the Outer Banks since the first time I visited (1997). I feel like I am crossing into Heaven when driving across that bridge connecting the mainland to the island.  I have hoped to see the wild ponies forever and finally did.  A friend from Indiana came down with 4 wheel drive and we were off on an adventure toward the northern part of the OBX.   It was so worth the rough ride on the sand.

Kitty & Flower Wins Cute Pet Photo Contest

Oscar, a precious kitty from Houston, Indiana, was published in the April 17, 2017 issue of Women’s World.  A photo of Oscar Cat by a pink Amaryllis titled “Happy Spring” won cute pet for that week.  Check out  Oscar’s website to learn more about his rescue story.

Houston Indiana Fall Festival

A fundraiser in October, the Houston Indiana Fall Festival, has been an annual celebration at the schoolhouse since 1994. Proceeds from this event are used toward repair and maintenance of the school. I am thrilled to use my technical skills to help preserve this unique and charming place in my hometown. This event is held the 2nd Saturday in October. More details can be found at


Houston Indiana Schoolhouse

Website and Facebook were implemented in 2015 for the restoration effort for a schoolhouse built in 1910 in Houston Indiana.  This historic building is currently used for social events, such as a monthly community supper. A calendar for 1967, the last time school was in session at this location, still hangs on the blackboard.

houston-monthly-dinner houston-indiana-school