Hometown Pride – Houston, Indiana

To combine my personal interests and Web skills, I joined an effort in my
hometown to preserve a schoolhouse that was built in 1910. This non-profit organization, Houston School Restoration Committee (HSRC), is dedicated to maintain and improve the school for its historic value and use for community events. I implemented a website for the HSRC, as well as a website for the Houston Indiana Fall Festival, an annual fundraiser for HSRC. I also started a Facebook page for the HSRC.

Currently this social media has 285 “likes”, which I think is excellent for a tiny little place in rural Indiana in a remote area near the Hoosier National Forest. This online channel helps people connect to talk about their memories and love of the small village and slower lifestyle of Houston, Indiana and nearby areas in Jackson and Brown counties of the Hoosier state.

The links for these digital marketing endeavors can be found as follows:

  1. houstonschoolrestorationcommittee.org
  2. houstonindianafallfestival.org
  3. Facebook

Masters in Marketing – Accomplished!

I completed the last class for my Masters in Marketing December 9, 2018!  I have been working toward this goal part-time since September 2014.  Many life challenges and obstacles have cropped up, but persistence does pay off.  My study buddy, Oscar, has been my rock.  Kudos to this precious feline that came into my life at a time we both needed each other.  Check out the website for this Inspirational Kitty Cat.

Oscar cat  

Serenity of Beach in November

I love the beach, especially the Outer Banks. Even though I only live a 3 hour drive away, I do not get down there as often as I would like.  My brother from Indiana came to visit and we were able to get away to the OBX for a few days. The ocean sights and sounds are heavenly any time of the year, but extra peaceful in November. Even with wind and rain, the Outer Banks is so relaxing. We stayed at Sea Foam Motel in Nags Head.  This place is simply awesome! Best view ever!

Not many people at Cape Hatteras on a cold cloudy day, but it was great chance to get pictures of the lighthouse. Corolla Beach Lighthouse at Corolla was closed the first time we went to check it out due to high winds.  We went back the next day and got some great snapshots. Our third day there the sun came out, so our photos of the Bodie Island Lighthouse turned out a little brighter. Love this place so much!

I love Digital Marketing

I am in the 6 th week (out of 10) to complete my final course for a Masters in Marketing!!  I have learned so much about some of my favorite subjects, including online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and blogging.   With a career in technology, you have to keep learning and that is right up my alley. I am proud to be a regular at the library.

I have learned so much in this field by reading articles written by Jayson DeMers.  He provides a wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand manner.  A recent discussion in my masters program included researching augmented reality (AR).

Some helpful articles to check out by Jayson DeMers about this topic:

What Does The Future Of Augmented Reality Look Like For Marketers?
7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Happy October

October is one of my favorite months. The beauty of nature in this season with a million shades of pretty helps brighten my outlook and stay positive. My home state of Indiana is especially beautiful this time of year. The southern part of the Hoosier state, Jackson and Brown counties in particular, are breathtaking in the fall. I am proud to be from Houston, Indiana, a tiny place near the Hoosier National Forest. A big event in my hometown every October is the Fall Festival.  More details can be found at houstonschoolrestorationcommittee.org

I Love Flowers

My love of flowers began early in my childhood days in Houston, Indiana. I was raised by a sweet lady, Allie Akin, who made our home a floral wonderland. So many great memories of flowers everywhere.

I remember at age two walking up the lane with her to take my great-grandpa, Oscar Roddey, his breakfast. I would pick him Morning Glories and he would give me quarters.


What a fun project for one of the final courses to complete my Master’s in Marketing – a fictional flower shop. I immersed myself in the digital marketing plan for Jamie’s Floral Delights. I had many flower photos to put to good use, as well as a reason to photograph more floral blooms.  It was a wonderful learning experience. The results are shared below.

  1. Website
  2. Marketing Plan (PDF)
  3. Visual Presentation

Viral Marketing

The power of the Internet puts marketing opportunities in the hands of anyone with an online connection.  People and organizations in small towns like Houston, Indiana have a shot at fame in the cyber world.  Social media is a perfect way for spreading the word about your business, non-profit organization, or even your pet. Some may find themselves enjoying the extraordinary success of viral marketing, when the popularity of their message is communicated like wildfire.

Is it simply good luck that offers some exceptional marketing opportunities, or can initiatives be taken to help achieve this high level of success? I searched for thoughts about this question from my favorite online marketing expert, Jayson DeMers. Listed below are links to three articles I found especially helpful.

  1. How to Harness Virality to Blow Up Your Events
  2. How Not to Go Viral: 4 Viral Marketing Fails
  3. The Facts and Fiction of “Going Viral” With Content

Top five characteristics of a viral marketing campaign

My take-away from reading these articles is there definitely are some factors that can increase the odds for viral marketing. Five ways you can help your campaign extensively are summarized below.

  1. Effectively communicating content that is based on the needs of the audience.
  2. Providing value for the audience, such as helpful information or entertainment.
  3. Inspiring emotion, such as heartwarming fun or compassion.
  4. Offering visual appeal to the viewers.
  5. Getting people’s attention with something fun & special.

oscar-computer    oscar-wine

Many viral marketing stories involve pets.  Photos of cute critters grab attention with both visual and emotional appeal and offer the chance to provide knowledge in a fun way.   Sparking interest with a special animal photo or story on social media can lead to a viral marketing extravaganza.

A lady working as a waitress found good fortune thanks to the popularity of her cat in the online world. A post of her furry friend on Reddit resulted in a marketing goldmine for Tabatha Bundesen. Now with a registered trademark, Grumpy Cat, this kitty has quite a brand established.  Elements of viral marketing discussed above can be seen in the success story of Grumpy Cat.

  1. Humorous content was provided via social media that people appreciated. Posting a unique cat picture generated extraordinary interest.  Strategies to capitalize on that trend for marketing opportunities were swiftly & consistently employed.  Current online presence  includes: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram.
  2. This feline provided humorous entertainment to the point of overnight success.
  3. Photos of this kitty with the appearance of a permanent scowl pulled at people’s heartstrings and funny bone.
  4. Pictures and videos of this unique kitty in various situations that relate to a grumpy attitude offer people comic relief.
  5. People’s attention was grabbed in many online channels and with various products.  The marketing value of the grumpy attitude has been used for a movie deal, a kids book, and stuffed animals.

Grumpy Cat is serving as a representative for the Friskies cat food brand.  Amusing videos sponsored by Friskies are providing fun & laughs. The wide range of social media buttons shown after a video ends helps viewers share what they find hilarious.  Providing easy ways to keep content moving helps to continually promote the message about Grumpy Cat.

sparky          sparky3        sparky2

Another popular celebrity pet is a Pomeranian named Boo, known as the world’s cutest dog.  His Facebook, with more than 16 million “likes” currently, demonstrates the social media and online marketing clout of this adorable little canine.  His online presence also includes Twitter and Instagram. Similar to Grumpy Cat, Boo is a Gund Character.

Does the marketing campaign for a small business need to go viral for success?

Clearly, a marketing initiative that “goes viral” would be welcome, but that level of success is not necessary to accomplish the goals of an average business owner. There are small businesses in Nashville, Indiana that are using social media for marketing opportunities on a small scale. A dog named Stetson facilitates the marketing at Touch of Silver and Old. A studio cat named Ms. Sassy is mentioned with photos in the Facebook for Amy Greely Jewelry Studio. Tips that help with viral marketing can be very beneficial for any organization. Social media is a fantastic channel to help spread the word about the value you offer to your target market. Success can draw in more customers and sales, even without reaching viral marketing extremes.  However, wise social media strategy for any marketing effort could quickly succeed to viral levels.


Power of Social Media for Marketing

gsr-computerSocial media is a big part of our current world and offers an abundance of marketing opportunities. Keeping up with a continuous evolution of social media can be challenging for marketers. Advances in technology continue to add more social media platforms and options. Consumer behavior of exploring new popular social media lead to a cycle of more platforms arising.  Companies and entrepreneurs must consistently strategize to stay competitive in the online world. Internet Marketing expert Jayson DeMers gives some online marketing predictions for 2017 to include:

  • Trend toward narrowing focus to one social media platform, getting away from an effort to manage several.
  • Trending away from Twitter, as users are starting to look for content with more details.
  • Social media will be leaning toward more inspirational and imaginative posts.
  • Increased competition to cater to individual users.

Focusing only on one social media platform may help companies lower the cost of management. Smaller companies can more effectively compete with larger businesses. Facebook is the only social media being used for marketing for several businesses in the small town of Nashville, Indiana. Companies in this tourist area are using social media trends as guidelines for their social media. They clearly see value in Facebook for their only social media tool range from a book store, candy & tea store,  flower & antique shop, to a golf course.

nashvilleA couple of gift shops in Brown County, Indiana are relying on Facebook in lieu of a website for their online marketing presence.

A trend of using Twitter less is already being seen.  A  jewelry studio that has a Twitter account has not tweeted in over a year.  In contrast, this business is still very active on Facebook.

indianaBrown County, Indiana is known as the Art Colony of the Midwest. Two popular art-related organizations, Brown County Art Guild and Hoosier Art, rely on Facebook as their only social media platform.

The art and history culture of this area is a perfect place to capture creative and inspirational content to use for social media marketing. The small town atmosphere of this tourist attraction offers businesses so much opportunity to customize the online presence for their viewers.  A blog for the Brown County Convention & Visitors Bureau is an excellent example of showcasing online what this charming place has to offer in a very personalized manner.

storyThe small businesses and non-profit organizations of Brown County have an edge on larger companies in regards to social media trends predicted in the upcoming year by DeMers.  There is so much potential to find content catering to target markets all around.  The scenic beauty, art, history, and fun & upbeat shops in this little town can be used for inspiration on social media in so many appealing ways.


brown-countyNashville  is a charming town and unique tourist attraction in Brown County of southern Indiana. Review of www.browncounty.com, website for the Brown County Convention & Visitors Bureau, reveals a wealth of places to visit in this area. The Places to Shop section of this online resource shows five listings in the category of Jewelry. Two of the businesses listed grab the attention immediately and appropriately by including an appealing jewelry photo. Amy Greely Studio’s listing displays a picture of a distinctive chain that encourages the viewer to want to look further. Similarly, a eye-catching ring with a green stone is displayed for Touch of Silver, Gold, and Old. Clicking further to their website links, Facebook icons are prominently found.   Both of these companies are using social media strategically to market their business, but targeting a different audience.

A link to amygreely.com shows an elegant website promoting handcrafted artisan jewelry. This artist is embracing social media, with focus on Facebook to help her marketing. She is taking advantage of the scenic beauty of this area to generate interest among her viewers. The breathtaking autumn leaves draw people to Brown County.  Amy has wisely used the changing season as an opportunity to update her Facebook cover with  colorful leaves on September 20.  She interacts with viewers, with an example being replies to comments about the beauty of the leaves in reference to her cover picture. She is tying the beauty of nature to appeal to those who appreciate art.

kurtz-hilllAnother strong promotional tactic is the partnership of Amy’s business with the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, which hosts a tour of 14 studios every day in October. Her affiliation with this group of artists located on country roads offers extensive marketing benefits. The Facebook for this studio tour is quite impressive.  The power of a video and beautiful images is well-demonstrated from the 793 shares & 190 likes currently showing for a post on September 15 promoting the artists & their work for this event.  The pinning of this communication to the top of their Facebook keeps it prominently displayed as the first post.

Another jewelry business listed on  browncounty.com that is promoting with Facebook is Touch of Silver, Gold & Old. Similar to Amy Greely, this company realizes the potential to market with social media.  In contrast, they have used a pet to differentiate their social media presence. Both companies pursue social media with diverse marketing themes geared to make their business stand out from the competition. Amy Greely Studio partners with other artisans to establish a presence in a nature focused art community.   Touch of Silver, Gold, & Old drives their marketing strategy with posts related to a shop dog.  The advertising differentiation between these two similar businesses is very clear.

A Touch of Silver, Gold & Old appeals more to family and people who love pets. They have a prominent section on their site named Stetson’s Corner, which informs of a Shop Dog named Stetson. Information about this dog rescue and his presence at the store pulls at the heartstrings. It is interesting to learn that Stetson was selected “Top Dog” from a 2012 contest with InStore Magazine, an honor of being chosen from all dogs in the country.

The difference between emotional and rational appeal in marketing is discussed in an article on smallbusiness.chron.com. A mix of rational and emotional appeal can be seen by the marketing of both Nashville, Indiana companies discussed above, with more emphasis on human emotions. One company’s marketing is benefiting from people’s  love of animals and the other from people’s love of artistic beauty & nature.

According to an article on forbes.com, including pets in marketing is very wise strategy.


Information about marketing with natural beauty can be found on naturetourism.tamu.edu.


Internet Marketer Jayson DeMers discusses the need to set yourself apart yourself from the competition, by being different or better, in article 6 Steps to Dominate a Competitor’s Social Media Marketing. The two Nashville companies discussed above have taken advantage of the power of social media, while  other similar businesses in Brown County, Indiana have not. In that regard, Amy Greely Studio and Touch of Silver, Gold, & Old have a distinct advantage over the other jewelry shops in their area. Furthermore, both of these jewelry businesses in Brown County are pursuing a viewer audience with different marketing strategies, giving a competitive edge for their target market.

Small Town Charm

The small town atmosphere and peaceful serenity of Houston, Indiana is refreshing. Photo of the Houston Christian Church  captures this quaint little village very well. I am proud to call this area of Jackson County, Indiana home. Hope your day is fabulous.