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Nature Park in the City

I learned about the Mordecai Historic Park in downtown Raleigh from my website work with the North Carolina Bluebird Society (NCBS). When I became Webmaster of in May 2007, l assumed responsibility for managing the online presence for the Wake County Bluebird Club as well.

The first meeting I attended was in the St. Mark’s Chapel of Mordecai. It is such a charming little building. I have enjoyed many club meetings at this location. We currently have the quarterly bluebird club meetings across the street from this historic building, in the Mordecai visitor center.

Squirrel in Tree
Downtown Raleigh, NC Squirrel

Over the years I have become attached to the scenic beauty and peace of Mordecai Park. I often visit this spot to relax and snap nature photos.

The giant Oak Trees offer cool relief from the sweltering sun on 90 + degree days. The abundance of playful squirrels scampering about, beautiful flowers, and songs and sights of our feathered friends make this one of my happy places. My interest in photography has increased over the last few years. I find a wealth of photo subjects at this tranquil place, such as the image of a squirrel posing in a tree shown above.

Wake County Robin Sitting in a Tree

Snapped this photo right outside the North Regional Library in Raleigh, NC. I visit this location and the East Regional branch often, as reading is one of my top passions. To sneak a little exercise in my day whenever possible, I often walk around for a few minutes before going to pick up or drop off books.

Raleigh Robin

The North Carolina scenery is so nice in Springtime, so I try to keep my camera handy. I often see our feathered friends perching in nearby trees, such as this bright pretty Robin. The colors of this photo sure added some April cheer to my evening.

Downtown Bluebirds

Thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph some fine looking bluebirds at Mordecai Historic Park in downtown Raleigh. I go to this location for peace and tranquility of nature. While taking flower pictures, some bluebirds landed nearby. They are so beautiful and sound so sweet.

I manage the website and newsletter for the North Carolina Bluebird Society. I receive many donations of photos for their Web and newsletter content.  Now I have a few of my own snapshots to help spread the word about this precious shy bird. 

Pink Dogwoods

Love the WRAL Azalea Garden!!! Such a beautiful & peaceful place. Floral beauty everywhere, wind chimes in the gentle breeze, birds singing.  Especially appreciated the pink dogwood flowers in bloom. A pleasant place for some time in nature last weekend.

Raleigh Robins

I have been trying to walk any chance available. A couple strolls around the library with a camera in hand adds exercise to my day, as well as photo opportunities. Snapped the first little cutie enjoying the sun rays in parking lot by Wake County North Regional Library.  Then three robins  in a row on the sidewalk added more reminders of spring and warm days ahead. The sounds of the birds singing was music to my ears after a long day in an office setting.  Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am.

Happy First Friday of Spring!!!

Friday Greetings!  This day is extra special, being the first weekend of Spring. Isn’t this daffodil such a symbol of fun, sun, and warmer times on the horizon.  Photo taken yesterday on a stroll around Mordecai Historic Park in downtown Raleigh, NC. That is such a place of peace and tranquility. Hope you have a wonderul March 22.

Happy Sunday & St. Patrick’s Day

Hello, Friends. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday/St. Patrick’s Day. Went outside this morning to start of a beautiful North Carolina day. Snapped a few photos of my “Hoosier Flowering Almond” that is in early stages of bloom. This plant means so much to me. I love flowers, and this one is especially gorgeous. And, a sign of spring and sentimental value.

It is pink, which is my favorite color (the green leaves can be the symbol of St. Paddy’s Day color for today).  It was transplanted from family land in Houston, IN to Knightdale, NC in 1996. Always long for home, but this floral reminder of Indiana helps.   More about my hometown can be found at

Houston, Indiana    


Spring is Here!!!

So grateful that my favorite season is finally here….Well, officially on Wednesday, but close enough today.  Love the sights, sounds, and smell of spring. So nice to hear the birds singing so sweetly and seeing the flowers are bursting out with pops of color.  The fresh fragrance adds to the bliss of the upcoming months. Love it, love it, love it.  Posting a few photos from evening strolls around Lake Lynn in Raleigh that capture the start of something fabulous!!!  Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!