Nature Park in the City

I learned about the Mordecai Historic Park in downtown Raleigh from my website work with the North Carolina Bluebird Society (NCBS). When I became Webmaster of in May 2007, l assumed responsibility for managing the online presence for the Wake County Bluebird Club as well.

The first meeting I attended was in the St. Mark’s Chapel of Mordecai. It is such a charming little building. I have enjoyed many club meetings at this location. We currently have the quarterly bluebird club meetings across the street from this historic building, in the Mordecai visitor center.

Squirrel in Tree
Downtown Raleigh, NC Squirrel

Over the years I have become attached to the scenic beauty and peace of Mordecai Park. I often visit this spot to relax and snap nature photos.

The giant Oak Trees offer cool relief from the sweltering sun on 90 + degree days. The abundance of playful squirrels scampering about, beautiful flowers, and songs and sights of our feathered friends make this one of my happy places. My interest in photography has increased over the last few years. I find a wealth of photo subjects at this tranquil place, such as the image of a squirrel posing in a tree shown above.

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