brown-countyNashville  is a charming town and unique tourist attraction in Brown County of southern Indiana. Review of www.browncounty.com, website for the Brown County Convention & Visitors Bureau, reveals a wealth of places to visit in this area. The Places to Shop section of this online resource shows five listings in the category of Jewelry. Two of the businesses listed grab the attention immediately and appropriately by including an appealing jewelry photo. Amy Greely Studio’s listing displays a picture of a distinctive chain that encourages the viewer to want to look further. Similarly, a eye-catching ring with a green stone is displayed for Touch of Silver, Gold, and Old. Clicking further to their website links, Facebook icons are prominently found.   Both of these companies are using social media strategically to market their business, but targeting a different audience.

A link to amygreely.com shows an elegant website promoting handcrafted artisan jewelry. This artist is embracing social media, with focus on Facebook to help her marketing. She is taking advantage of the scenic beauty of this area to generate interest among her viewers. The breathtaking autumn leaves draw people to Brown County.  Amy has wisely used the changing season as an opportunity to update her Facebook cover with  colorful leaves on September 20.  She interacts with viewers, with an example being replies to comments about the beauty of the leaves in reference to her cover picture. She is tying the beauty of nature to appeal to those who appreciate art.

kurtz-hilllAnother strong promotional tactic is the partnership of Amy’s business with the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, which hosts a tour of 14 studios every day in October. Her affiliation with this group of artists located on country roads offers extensive marketing benefits. The Facebook for this studio tour is quite impressive.  The power of a video and beautiful images is well-demonstrated from the 793 shares & 190 likes currently showing for a post on September 15 promoting the artists & their work for this event.  The pinning of this communication to the top of their Facebook keeps it prominently displayed as the first post.

Another jewelry business listed on  browncounty.com that is promoting with Facebook is Touch of Silver, Gold & Old. Similar to Amy Greely, this company realizes the potential to market with social media.  In contrast, they have used a pet to differentiate their social media presence. Both companies pursue social media with diverse marketing themes geared to make their business stand out from the competition. Amy Greely Studio partners with other artisans to establish a presence in a nature focused art community.   Touch of Silver, Gold, & Old drives their marketing strategy with posts related to a shop dog.  The advertising differentiation between these two similar businesses is very clear.

A Touch of Silver, Gold & Old appeals more to family and people who love pets. They have a prominent section on their site named Stetson’s Corner, which informs of a Shop Dog named Stetson. Information about this dog rescue and his presence at the store pulls at the heartstrings. It is interesting to learn that Stetson was selected “Top Dog” from a 2012 contest with InStore Magazine, an honor of being chosen from all dogs in the country.

The difference between emotional and rational appeal in marketing is discussed in an article on smallbusiness.chron.com. A mix of rational and emotional appeal can be seen by the marketing of both Nashville, Indiana companies discussed above, with more emphasis on human emotions. One company’s marketing is benefiting from people’s  love of animals and the other from people’s love of artistic beauty & nature.

According to an article on forbes.com, including pets in marketing is very wise strategy.


Information about marketing with natural beauty can be found on naturetourism.tamu.edu.


Internet Marketer Jayson DeMers discusses the need to set yourself apart yourself from the competition, by being different or better, in article 6 Steps to Dominate a Competitor’s Social Media Marketing. The two Nashville companies discussed above have taken advantage of the power of social media, while  other similar businesses in Brown County, Indiana have not. In that regard, Amy Greely Studio and Touch of Silver, Gold, & Old have a distinct advantage over the other jewelry shops in their area. Furthermore, both of these jewelry businesses in Brown County are pursuing a viewer audience with different marketing strategies, giving a competitive edge for their target market.

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